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Design = Deliver what i want to communicate to user


Industrial Design is our life

Failure is the key for success

Failure is the mother of success "失敗乃成功之母" .


(The Myth of Ji Yu's Water Control) explains the failure is the groundwork of success. It intends that people can succeed if they are adept at learning lessons from failure.

How to find out a new thought or direction which is the key ingredients to be succeed. Fai.l design house can avail to find out a suitable key( solution) to solve the problems and provide a new experience to the target audience for the tasks.

Mr.Fai leung is an enthusiastic and experienced design professional.For his over 25 years of creative career, he has won over 120 different design awards which include Red Dot design award, IF design award, Japan Good design award, German design award, driven x design Gold winner, US Muse design Gold winner, A design award, Asia design prize award winner, K design Grand prize, IDA design award, Taiwan Golden pin design award, Taiwan Lite-on design award, EPDA, LICC, China Red star design award, China innovative design award, HK Smart design awards, HKDA, NY Product design award, Korea Outdoor design awards and Germany promotional gift award etc. These recognition is the solid proof of his talent and the mindset of on going breakthrough.

Being a professional of manager level, he lead the projects which made achievements to the product strategy and brand building throughout the years to get a great reputation in Europe and Asia market.

In 2019, Mr Fai Leung form his own design house which call' fail design house', he want to provide a channel to help for SME company to develop the product, on the other hands, he assist them to get the design award as well! 

Mr. Leung keeps on upgrading his caliber and broaden his knowledge, he has studied
variety of courses, such as Master of Design Management, MBA ,digital marketing, jewelry design and wine business etc..

For serving the professional design community, Mr. Leung is the President(2019-2022) of
Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong (IDSHK). As a volunteer, he contributes his
time in supporting the activities to promote the Hong Kong professional service to outside.

In 2021, Mr Leung organize the project' ReMIX' with IDSHK EXCO and ReMIX management team, funded by CreateHK. 


“ReMIX · Yesterday’s Future, Invent Tomorrow!” (ReMIX) is a brands and designers matching program organised by Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong (IDSHK), with Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the Lead Sponsor. Last year, the first ReMIX program had successfully matched five local design teams with six classic local brands and together they created several series of best-selling and highly praised products. The program has also successfully elevated the professional status of Hong Kong brands and designers. This year the second ReMIX as one of the projects to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China’s establishment, has additionally formed a Brand Advisory Panel from a range of renowned professionals to select 6 local premium brands for this year’s collaboration, providing designers with more creativity space and opportunity.

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